Why you should have a suburban wedding


There’s something incredible about a wedding with a city backdrop, hundreds of buildings filling the background of all of your photos, and the twinkling lights illuminating the scenery. But a wedding in the city comes with a cost, and not just the literal price tag. There are countless reasons as to why you should have a suburban wedding, but to save some time, we’ll give you seven.

  1. PRICE
    The most obvious factor, indefinitely. According to the Chicago Tribune, Chicago is the second priciest city in the U.S. to hold a wedding. With an average wedding cost of $61,265, Chicago holds the spot, unsurprisingly, behind New York City.  A wedding in the suburbs, however, averaged around $33,391, according to The Knot. Not only will this price difference be reflected in the venue, but in catering costs, decoration rentals, hotel costs, and more. You can put that extra money towards an even more incredible honeymoon.
    Let’s be real– most of us don’t have an extended family based out of the city. Even if you’re based right out of the Loop, the majority of your guests are coming from the suburbs. I think everyone agrees– they can definitely do without the city traffic.  
    This reason was almost dispersed among the categories, but we strongly believe in the importance of free parking. If you want to please your guests and your wallet, have a suburban wedding. Parking in the city is either expensive, hard to find, or nonexistent. A suburban wedding completely frees that worry. Many country clubs, barns, and venues throughout the suburbs offer free and convenient (there’s that word again) parking, so your guests don’t have a negative attitude as soon as they get to the ceremony.
    Keeping money in the community is important, we’ve heard it all before. Supporting local caterers, venues, bakeries, and DJs not only boosts the local economy, but helps people sleep at night knowing their money is often directly affecting a family. Instead of sending your money towards another large corporation, help your town flourish.
    With more space comes more opportunity. In the suburbs, you can get hitched at a barn, a farm, a warehouse, a family country club, a lake, an estate, a garden, the list goes on. While Chicago venues are gorgeous in their own right, many are limited in space or what you can do with them.
    According to Huffpost Weddings, the average amount of time taken to plan a wedding ranges from 13 to 18 months. A 20-minute commute to your future wedding venue is a lot less painful than city traffic and tollways. Again, stress levels are down and convenience is up.
    With wedding showers, wedding gifts, and bridal party necessities, wedding costs add up easily for guests, in addition to the couple. With a wedding closer to guests, people can choose whether they want to stay in a hotel or not, they can save money with transportation, and with a stress-free trip to the venue, guests are much more likely to be in good moods.

We may be a little biased, but the advantages in having a suburban wedding are clear. Remember your favorite warehouse venue, The Haight, when planning your Chicagoland wedding!


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