5 Ways to Incorporate Florals into your Rustic Wedding

Florals can make or break a wedding. They set the mood for the evening, tie in decorations, and can even be symbolic. At The Haight, we look out for florals that complement our rustic space– whether it be in a bohemian floral style, a fall or winter color scheme that matches our distressed wood, or even an elegant, vintage floral arrangement that offsets our unrefined space.

The uses of florals aren’t just limited to centerpieces anymore. Greenery and florals should remain as a consistent decoration throughout the space, utilized in more areas than just the table. Check out our ways to incorporate florals in your rustic wedding below!

  1. Welcome signs
    Untitled design (2).png
  2. Crates, boxes, and barrels
    Boxes, Crates, Barrels.png
  3. Drapes and Arches
    Drapes and Arches.png
  4. Table runners
    Table Runners.png
  5. Hanging Arrangements
    Hanging Arrangements.pngThese 5 ways can wow your guests and set the tone for the perfect atmosphere. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest to see even more rustic wedding ideas and inspiration!

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